a few select moments

Our Capitol theatre performance was a 45 minute experimental essay film/music piece about terrorism, media, violence and globalisation. Structured around three infotainment news broadcasts (a rollercoaster, a hijacking, and an influencer), the piece deals equally in satire, fantasy and dread.

Performed at the RMIT Capitol Theatre 12/04/21 for Melbourne Music Week alongside Simona Castricum with a panel hosted by Simon Winkler. Music and direction by Luke Neher and Sam Gill.
2022 - Eso Es Para Esto - Scream
2021 - Revelation Perth International Film Festival - Night Landing At Charles DeGaulle (Excerpt from Scream)
2021 - Festival Fotogenia - Scream
2021 - ULTRAcinema - Scream
2021 - Capitol Theatre, Melbourne - Scream (live premiere)