Scream is an experimental essay film about terrorism, media, violence and globalisation. Structured around three infotainment news broadcasts (a rollercoaster, a hijacking, and an influencer), the piece deals equally in satire, fantasy and dread.
Neher and Gill soundtrack Scream with pulsating experimental electronics that push the psychic residue of a post war-on-terror world out of the unconscious and onto the screen. Capitalism, imperialism, desire; all three are implicated in a nihilism that has seeped from the news into the social psyche.
First performed at the RMIT Capitol Theatre 12/04/21 for Melbourne Music Week. Music and direction by Luke Neher and Sam Gill.

- Melbourne Music Week, Australia
- Revelation Perth, 2021
- ULTRACinema 2021, Mexico
- Festival Fotogenia 2021, Mexico
- Eso Es Para Esto 2022, Mexico
Sam Gill and Luke Neher have been releasing music together as Ara Koufax since 2013 and have performed headline audiovisual pieces at ACMI Cinema (2013) and RMIT Capitol Theatre (2021).
Luke Neher works with digital video, found footage, text, and electronic sound. His audiovisual work has been performed at Mutek Montréal, Melbourne Music Week, ACMI Cinema and Brooklyn Museum. His 2020 essay film Twilight (also about air travel) has screened at Experiments In Cinema (USA), Digital Art Zurich, Sydney World Film Festival among others.
Sam Gill is an audiovisual artist and producer living in Melbourne, Australia. Previously, his work has featured at Berlin Fashion Film Festival, MONA's Dark Mofo Festival, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and ACMI among others.