23m50s, 1080p, 23.976 fps, stereo audio
Experiments In Cinema (2021)
Sydney World Film Festival (2021)
Digital Art Zurich Video Competition (2020) - Finalist, Jury Mention
Experimental Forum (2020) - Honorable Mention
Australian Independent Film Festival (2020) - Semi-finalist
Another Hole In The Head(2020)
Mr. Holehead's Warped Dimension (2020)
Feeling lost, a holidayer takes a vacation, only to discover a world that is as banal as it is hyper-real.
A found-footage essay film. A home-movie. A music video. An experimental documentary about the fantasy of air travel.
Taking a tour of the global centres of accumulation - New York, Dubai, Burning Man - Twilight documents the unreal, the mundane and the spectre of ecological collapse.
Video: Direction, concept, editing and animation by Luke Neher, Music: writing and production by Luke Neher and Sam Gill, Voice: Hannah Camilleri